Snapshots: Learners at work
They say one picture is worth 1000 words. As this page grows with your contributions we hope that saying proves true.
  • Catch your children in the act of learning from one of our activities.
  • Take a photo.
  • Send it to Doug.Williams:
  • Include a short caption/explanation and your name and school.

Please make sure you have permission to share photos on the web, or that you take 'over the shoulder' or 'hands in action' photos.

Trädgårdsstadsskolan, Sweden

First time with Plug Catcher in Year F (6 years old). These photos can also be seen in context in the Members activity Plug Catcher.

Pushing out all the plugs was popular. Mmm, perhaps I
should have said as many as you like ...but not all.

Cover your eyes. Here comes the Plug Catcher.
(Yes they used a Swedish version of the tongue twister.)

The only available Plug Catchers
were these lids from big plastic jars.

Will it eat all the plugs?
I'm sure going to try!

Sacred Heart School, Pearce, Australia

The Math Wall in the staffroom is a space where teachers can showcase the engagement of the students through Investigations.
Lisa Binutti-Wilson, Maths Leader

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