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Put Me In The Zoo
from the Calculating Changes activity
Working With Books

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    • Calculating Changes Content Finder
      Over 100 number sense activities K - 8 listed by content (some are members only)
    • Task Cameo Content Finder
      - 241 hands-on problem solving activities 2 - 10 listed by content (freely available)
    • Task Library
      - 'Book Cover' style presentation of all tasks, each linked to its teaching notes (Task Cameos)
    • Maths At Home
      - 70+ activities and investigations adapted to home learning, with parent support as appropriate
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Big Picture

Overview of our:


  • News for this month and a history of news back to October 2001

Research & Stories

Formal research and teacher stories to support the proposition that when students are learning to work like a mathematician in best practice classrooms, they develop (a) better problem solving ability, (b) better mathematical skills, and (c) better literacy.

Cube Tube

Indigenous Students

INISSS research learnt from, and built on, successes with Indigenous students that became apparent from 1993 through a Northern Territory professional development project involving the use of Tasks in remote communities. Tasks have also been successfully introduced to Native American schools.

Web Papers

Articles to support the concept of learning to work like a mathematician.


Find the people you need to help you.

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Professional Development

PD from MC is our suite of 'off-the-shelf' professional development programs designed to be taken to schools, districts, clusters and systems anywhere: Professional Development Partnerships
We also tailor programs to suit your needs and use a variety of other models for professional learning.

Working Mathematically

This is what learning mathematics is about - learning to work like a mathematician, not merely practising the skills of a mathematician.
Cube Tube will help you catch the Working Mathematically vision. Click the logo to explore.

Mathematics Task Centre

Information about hands-on problem solving tasks and how to use them as an invitation to pairs of students to work like a mathematician:

Calculating Changes

An introduction to our site for primary teachers which focuses on engineering 'aha' moments in number as a way of enhancing students' number sense beyond what is normally expected. Preferred materials for this network are Poly Plug and calculators.

Picture Puzzles

One screen, two learners, concrete materials and a challenge.

One learner cannot have a mathematical conversation with a screen. Two learners can have a mathematical conversation about a screen. Picture Puzzles generate that conversation through supported achievable challenges that involve learners using their hands off the screen.


Our introduction to a site for primary and secondary teachers which provides lesson plans and some software to support teachers wishing to model how a mathematician works through whole class investigations.

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Resources & Ordering

Full details of eTasks, Poly Plug and support resources and how to order them through our world-wide service. Options to suit a wide range of educational and budgetary requirements at all levels of primary and secondary schools.

Poly Plug

Our most popular support resource, probably because of its classroom friendliness. Preferred for Calculating Changes, used to convert many Tasks and Maths300 lessons to whole class investigations and it has its own resource book of Strategy Games.

Task Cameos

Teaching notes for each task including reasoning, answers, extensions and converting the task to a whole class investigation. Cameos freely available for all 241 tasks.

Menu Maths

Ideas for offering students choice in their own learning and Menu Maths Packs as a resource for bridging into using tasks.

Maths With Attitude

Full details about our collection of 16 comprehensive, integrated, eManuals that provide 25 weeks of investigative work for each Year from 3 to 10. Each eManual references 20 eTasks and includes Planners with week by week, lesson by lesson directions for TWO year levels. Membership of Maths300 is preferred to obtain greatest value from the manuals. Planners and text throughout each manual link to Task Cameos and frequently refer to Maths300 lesson plans. Non-members of Maths300 need to adapt the unit plans.

Working Mathematically with Infants

A comprehensive resource for developing enhanced number sense in Years K - 2 that integrates with the use of Maths With Attitude in later years. 60 weeks of threaded activities and investigations across the first three years of school - 10 weeks per semester in detailed planners. Kit includes 25 Poly Plug and Manual. Membership of Calculating Changes is a pre-requisite of purchase since the majority of teacher support is delivered through the web site. Membership is a once only cost.

Sphinx Album & Iceberg of the Sphinx

An anthology of investigations and ideas contributed from classrooms all over the world exploring the depths of Task 166, Sphinx. Every task is in our collection because it has the potential to be expanded in this way.

You are advised not to enter these links unless you have plenty of time to play around - it can become absorbing!

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