Square Numbers
Years 4 - 10


  • Collect thirty-six (36) squares tiles or cube blocks.
  • The activity Tricubes explains how you can make wooden cubes at home like the ones in the photo.
  • It you don't have tiles or cubes, print this square tiles template and cut out the squares.
  • Print this Square Line Paper to record the shapes you make.
  • Write the title of this challenge and today's date on a fresh page in your maths journal.
When the activity is over your recording sheet should be put into your journal beside any other notes you make.

Square Numbers Picture Puzzle

  • In a moment you will start a slide show called a Picture Puzzle that guides you through more of this activity.
  • Slide shows don't have to be 'finished' in one lesson. They can be revisited and continued at another time.
  • Use the arrows on your keyboard to change slides.
  • Do all that each slide asks before you move to the next one.
Start your Picture Puzzle by clicking the image below.
Say yes to 'Full Screen' when asked.
Use 'Esc' to move out of full screen.
You can also get to full screen in the View menu.

Have fun exploring Square Numbers.

It's always good to talk maths.
Work with a partner if you can.


Digging Deeper

Extra Investigation A
  • Print this Investigation Guide.
  • Explain in your journal what the diagrams are showing.
  • You can write on the guide and stick it into your journal.
  • Investigate further and record what you discover.
Extra Investigation B

Just Before You Finish

For this part you need your maths journal and your Working Like A Mathematician page.
  • Look at your notes for this activity. Think back through what you did.
  • Draw an oval in your journal.
    • Change it into a face that shows how you feel about Square Numbers.
    • Add a speech bubble if you wish.
  • How did you work like a mathematician today? Record 2 ways.
  • What do you know now that you didn't know when you started Square Numbers?


Answers & Discussion

These notes were originally written for teachers. We have included them to support parents to help their child learn from Square Numbers.

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