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Calculating Changes

Number is an important area for mathematicians ... and students learning to work like a mathematician. Calculating Changes explores teaching craft (K-8) likely to enhance number sense beyond what is normally expected for the age. For example, teachers have developed a technique called Threading which provides time for students to construct their own learning.

Calculating Changes is about engineering the classroom so that 'aha' moments in number are more likely. It includes:

  • A significant bank of teacher developed activities.
  • Concept and skill development in problem solving situations.
  • Emphasis on using calculators in conjunction with concrete materials.
  • Encouragement of mental strategies and mathematical conversation.
  • Strong infant component extending on through the primary years.
  • Working Mathematically with Infants, a resource for teachers of Years K-2 which integrates with Maths With Attitude (Years 3 - 10).

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Ten Tens, Holy Rosary School, Derby, WA

Predict-A-Count, Renmark Junior Primary School, SA

Green Line