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Research & Stories

Do tasks work? ... Yes tasks work.

Teachers proactively using tasks - questioning, discussing, encouraging, celebrating - in the hands-on context improves learning for students.

You are invited to judge for yourself the value of a Working Mathematically curriculum built around the three lives of a task. Evidence in the teacher stories and research results below will guide your judgement.

In addition, in this link, experienced colleagues ask and answer:

  Why does Working Mathematically work?

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Task 140, Time For Tiling, Crossways Lutheran School, Ceduna, SA

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Brief Bits & Pieces

Significant Stories

Teacher Stories

Teacher Stories are listed in historical order with the most recent first. You will also find stories about engineering 'aha' moments in number to develop children's number sense in the Calculating Changes section of Mathematics Centre.
  • Maths Staff
    Falkbergsskolan, Botkyrka, Sweden
    ... Picture Puzzles in Sweden
  • Madonna Pianegonda
    Teaching and Learning Officer – Numeracy
    Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn
    ... Picture Puzzles - Rod Mats (PDF)
  • Glenn Dudley
    Pymble Ladies College, Pymble, NSW
    ... WLAM at Pymble Ladies' College
  • Damian Howison
    St. Mary MacKillop College, Swan Hill
    ... Year 11 & Year 12 Tasks (PDF slideshow)
  • Damian Howison
    St. Mary MacKillop College, Swan Hill
    ... Learning to Report in Mathematics
  • Erika Tokich
    Good Shepherd Primary School, Amaroo, ACT
    ... Exploring Fractions
  • Various Teachers/Levels
    Catholic Diocese of Canberra Goulburn, ACT
    ... Fractions: The Whole Thing
  • Nichola Brandon
    St. Benedict's Primary School, Narrabundah, ACT
    ... Fractions in Action
  • Saied Alavei
    Slottsstadens Skola, Malmö, Sweden
    ... From Kayak To Sphinx
  • Sue Gibson
    Mount Dandenong Primary School, Victoria
    ... Gold! It's Gold for Potatoes
  • Kylie Wall
    Clontarf Beach State School, Queensland
    ... Maths Fiesta
  • Angela Luchetti & Monica Hay
    Mt. Carmel School, Yass, New South Wales
    ... Working Like A Mathematician
  • Aaron Peeters
    Accra, Ghana
    ... Reflections on Rote Learning
  • Maths Mat History
    Douglas Williams, Project Manager, Mathematics Centre
    ... The history of using a large scale grid to physically
        involve students in learning mathematics
  • Haran Sriappasmy & Team
    Griffith High School, New South Wales
    ... Introducing a Working Mathematically Curriculum
  • Joe Marsiglio & Team
    St. Francis Xavier College, Berwick Campus, Victoria
    ... Introducing a Task Centre
  • Participants
    Mornington Peninsula ASISTM Cluster, Victoria
    ... Engineering 'aha' Moments in Algebra:
        Reflection on 6 Day PD Program
  • Aaron Peeters
    Somewhere in the world
    ... Problem Solving in Eritrea
  • Tamsin Meaney
    Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, NSW
    ... Student Teachers, Tasks & Students
  • Lisa Cairns
    Launceston Christian School, Tasmania
    ... Professional Learning Review
  • Angela Booy
    Fregon Anangu School, South Australia
    ... Fregon Scrapbooks
  • Aaron Peeters
    Kingsbury Primary School, Victoria
    ... Menu Maths
  • Damian Howison
    MacKillop College, Swan Hill, Victoria
    ... National Maths Day 2008
  • Lynne Ord
    Ivanhoe Grammar School, Victoria
    ... Maths300 in Cambodia
  • Damian Howison
    MacKillop College, Swan Hill, Victoria
    ... Starting a Task Centre & Creating
        a Working Mathematically Curriculum
  • John Eade
    Maidavale State School, Queensland
    ... Maths All Day
  • Cherie Cooper
    Barmera Primary School, South Australia
    ... Mini Maths Expo
  • Nicholas Dale
    Winkie Primary School, South Australia
    ... Reflection on 6 Day PD Program
        Engineering 'aha' Moments in Number
  • Donna Dubey
    Winnisquam Regional High School, New Hampshire, USA
    ... Sphinx & Algebra 1
  • Mike Tattersall
    Wonthaggi Secondary College
    ... Student Training Day
  • Rachel Boyce
    Ceduna, South Australia
    ... Hands-on Maths Experiences
  • Erin Sells
    Ernabella Anangu School, South Australia
    ... Using the Task Kit for Aboriginal Students
  • Andy Martin
    Thorne Grammar, Doncaster, UK
    ... Home School Lending (Maths Around the Kitchen Table)
  • Ruth Lansdell
    Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme (ITAS) Tasmania.
  • Professor Richard Evans
    Plymouth, New Hampshire, USA
    ... An American Experience
  • Karen Palmer
    Northern Territory
    ... A good task is the tip of an iceberg
  • Dominic Killalea
    Sydney, New South Wales
    ... Success with the Aboriginal Task Kit
  • Neville de Mestre
    ... How task centres began
  • Marita Miesen
    ... What Worked. What Did Not.
  • Problem Solving Task Centre Network
    ... Sample articles from history
  • Michael Richards
    ... A 10 year retrospective


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