Poly Plug Battleships

Years 2 - 6

Angela Breen & John Longden, Chigwell Primary School

The NRICH web site has a neat, software-based complement to this activity which they call Poly Plug Rectangles.
It offers several levels of challenge in the Teachers' Notes and video from classrooms.

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A game for two players in which you aim to sink your opponent's battleships.


  • 1 Poly Plug set per player
  • Optional: A template marked A - E, 1 - 5 as axes, or one which can be read through the holes in a Poly Plug board and shows the co-ordinates of each hole. A Poly Plug Frame can be used in this way.


  1. Remove all the plugs from the red board and store them in the bag.
  2. Place the red board behind a screen (eg: an exercise book standing up on the table) and place 5 yellow plugs anywhere in the frame as battleships.
  3. Take turns to guess the positions of your opponent's battleships by saying grid positions.
  4. If there is a hit, turn the plug over so it is blue side up, and tell your opponent.
  5. It is the caller's responsibility to find a way of using their remaining yellow/blue board and plugs to keep track of co-ordinates they have already called. Repeated co-ordinates waste a turn.
  6. First to 'sink' all the opponent's battleships is the winner.


  • If you call a hit you get another turn.
  • Use 1 aircraft carrier (4 plugs horizontal or vertical), 2 battleships (2 plugs horizontal, vertical or diagonal) and 2 submarines (1 plug).
  • Internet Battleships.
    Connect two players by email. They agree on a grid reference system and send the calls and results back and forth by email.

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