Harry's Holes

Years 1 - 6

Sue Davis, G.A.T.E.ways

This game was invented by a bright five year old in Sue's G.A.T.E.ways class. You are invited to explore it with your class and send us a report. G.A.T.E.ways is an independent organisation extending the education of children nominated as 'brighter'. You can read more about Sue's Poly Plug experiences in this article.

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Start with a red board which has two empty spaces as shown.

  • Two players sit opposite each other across the board.
  • Each player owns an empty space (a hole) and the objective is to be first to move it to the opponent's starting point.
  • Moves are made by removing another plug and placing it in the current hole. In effect, therefore, the hole moves across the board.
  • Holes can only move forward or sideways - never back.
  • Holes can only move one vertical, horizontal or diagonal space from their current position on each turn.
Harry's Holes Board

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