Evaluations of Calculating Changes
Calculating Changes prefers to provide professional development over time, rather than as a one-off stimulus.

Sometimes schools become involved as an internal decision. Sometimes involvement is through a district or state initiated commitment. In either case the feature of the professional development most likely to lead to identifiable improvement in children's number sense (the ultimate objective) is its on-going nature.

Several reviews of the PD program are provided below for your consideration. You are invited to discuss them with your staff.

Single School Responses


Project Based Responses


Aboriginal Education Unit, Tasmania

Changing Places (2002 - 2004) was a project designed to improve the numeracy and literacy of primary age Aboriginal students through an extended professional development program that includes parent and teacher representatives from participating schools. The project began with 8 schools and expanded to 20. Activities, teaching craft and resources from Calculating Changes were just one part of the numeracy input of the project.

The evaluations of that component (see below) were recorded after the project had been running 18 months. Some participants had been able to attend since the beginning; for others this evaluation came at the end of their first course. Reading the range of responses lends considerable weight to the proposition that focussed professional development over time is more likely to lead to sustainable curriculum shift.

First Course
2-5 Courses
5-10 courses
Participants were also surveyed using a questionnaire. For each question they were asked to mark a judgement on a line that developed from A Little through to A Lot. For analysis this line was then broken into four equal sections A, B, C, D. The graphs below show the percentage of respondents in each of these sections.
Key questions related to Calculating Changes were:

The degree to which your classroom/teaching style reflects the Calculating Changes objectives: Classroom Environment
The degree to which you have seen unexpected development in your students: Student Changes

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