Parent Participants

Parent A ... 2 - 5 courses

Easy form of counting, colour helps make the pattern easy to remember, kid from Pre-Prep (Pre-K) to whatever can use them, to see is to believe they make learning so much easier, Poly Plugs and a calculator is all you need to get you started.
Well when I first came to changing places I didn't say a thing. Now I wonder where it's coming from. If there is anyone that can teach you such a wide range of material from maths, art, poetry and most important is life skills it would have to be our leaders. Thank you so much.
Parent B ... 2 - 5 courses
As a parent, I have not had the opportunity as yet to assess the web site.
Parent C ... 5 - 10 courses
It has been great to watch how far the group has come, from 'not being able to do maths' to feeling so comfortable with it now they just sing out the answers.
Parent D ... 5 - 10 courses
Calculating changes encourages an understanding of the basic principles of mathematics through the exploration of numbers, that then develops into more difficult mathematical concepts.
Poly Plugs and MathMate can be used for a multitude of activities, only limited by your imagination - from counting, understanding place value to graphing and algebra and beyond.
For me personally, I have been drawn back to my love of mathematics. I had forgotten how I learnt to understand math concepts & therefore found it difficult to help my children with their understanding of basic maths. Being involved in this program has given me ways to help my children and to give them the opportunity to develop the love for maths that I had at school. It allows me to work together with their teachers, rather than in a different way.
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