Teachers: 2 - 5 Courses

Teacher A ... Prep (K)

  • Hands on fun, children confident in working through activities, chance to use mathematical language. Easily linked with other subjects - takes fear out of maths.
  • Poly Plug is a great resource for use in most areas of maths. Can be used in both language and maths. Used almost daily.
  • MathMate are great. Get some!
  • Maths is now fun - I've been able to extend and adapt activities and ideas to suit children's levels and stages of maths.
Teacher B ... Prep (K)
  • Makes maths more exciting and enjoyable
  • Makes children more questioning of the whys and hows of what they're doing
  • Children being able to explain the processes involved in solving problems
  • A more hands on approach to maths
  • Poly plugs - a fun aid for calculation but can become a bit stressful at end of lesson if a plug is found to be missing.
  • MathMate - convenient packaging, quality product for classroom use. Children find them appealing & colourful.
  • Leading children to more 'aha' moments.
Teacher C ... Grade 1/2
  • Wonderful, practical ideas. Very hands on. Helps children to fully understand maths not just calculating without understanding.
  • Poly plugs - activities are endless, really supports children.
  • Math mate - we use them nearly every day. Children are often heard to say I'll just get a calculator for that.
  • Builds my pedagogical skills, thus the children are more likely to learn!
Teacher D ... Grade 2/3
  • Ideas and activities to connect kids to be interested in maths and think/articulate for themselves. Involve parents wherever possible. Promote correct understandings.
  • Poly Plug is a quiet, attractive concrete aid to enhance understanding. Great for games.
  • MathMate is a useful calculator - uses BOMDAS, good carrying case. Could be bigger keypad for younger children.
  • Wonderful to see how children enjoy their learning.
Teacher E ... Multi-age from Prep to Grade 4/5 (exactly 2 courses)
As an uninitiated user (ie: in the classroom as yet) I would suggest: Calculating Changes promotes an alternative to rote driven, practice maths.
It encourages and develops mathematical, logical thinking in a supportive setting, ie: children are encouraged to work together rather than interacting only with their piece of paper/worksheet/maths text. Math mate is certainly a useful tool - an improvement on standard calculator in terms of positive and negative numbers.
Teacher F ... Grade 5/6
  • A good way to find out about maths and its potential and richness through experience and non-threatening discovery rather than 'chalk and talk'.
  • Program has boosted my confidence to teach and experience mathematical concepts. Another important part is the friendships that are shared and the practice and hands-on experience.
  • Math mates are convenient in carry case and take into account Bomdas. Need more in class as they are much better than the ones we have.
  • Maths has become fun for the children and they feel less threatened and say can we do maths in 'blue box', which is where I keep my Poly Plugs and MathMates.
Teacher G ... Grade 6
  • Getting children to think about their numeracy - not just finish sheets.
  • Develop children's thinking - critical thinking - choose appropriate strategies.
  • Develop interaction with others - real life skills - co-operative.
  • Uses different strategies to cater for different learning styles eg: concrete, story, conversation.
  • Fun and children enjoy materials.
  • Activities lead to alterations to curriculum at different grades and levels.
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