Teachers: 5 - 10 Courses

Teacher A ... Grade 2/3

Lots of great ideas - make maths fun. New ways of teaching old skills, processes, concepts. Challenging activities/games that help children internalise their learning. Using the calculator - a valuable tool to support learning. Allows children to get involved in the game/concept without becoming 'bogged down' in the calculations.
Teacher B ... Grade 4
  • Hands on experience with maths.
  • Great for children to see rotation, flip and turn etc.
  • Great for children's enjoyment.
  • Children love Chance & Data - now see it as fun.
  • I don't have enough of these calculators but have 'normal' calculators which we use all the time following attendance at Changing Places.
  • Change in areas of maths I now place importance on in class.
Teacher C ... Grade 4/5/6
MathMate has given my class the opportunity to explore numbers/operations without the pressure of needing to be a number expert. It enables children to come into an activity at their level and be supported to go as far as they are comfortable.
The discussion and arguments MathMate has caused in my room has been wonderful. The learning has been excellent.
I introduced my class to MathMate calculators by spreading them (6) around the room among 'normal' calculators. We did an algorithm, 4 x (6+4) =. Different answers! Why?
The discussion raged for a week - the red ones were Korean, the red ones fell off the back of a truck, the grey ones were old and no longer worked. The argument raged till someone did a reverse operation. It was an 'aha' moment.
We use the calculators 2 - 3 times a week for number facts/automatic response. Predict-A-Count is an integral part of our class.
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