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Where are we coming from?

23rd March 2020


Doug Williams here. I've taught mathematics in one way or another for 50 years - primary, secondary, pre-service teacher training, professional development leader. In the garden the other day I was mulling over the news about school closure. It occurred to me that perhaps I could use the 25 year history of Mathematics Centre to add something a bit special to the home learning activities.

  • Our focus will be on learning to work like a mathematician.
  • That's what school mathematics is about.

We have mounted a few activities and investigations to start things off. There's something for all levels from K to 10. There can be more. Explore.
Is there value in what you see?

Keep smiling,
Doug. Williams
Feel free to write to me.
I always answer, but sometimes it might be after the sun goes down.


21st May 2020

G'day again,

59 days after the site was released, there were 50 activities available covering all school years from K to 10 and a wide range of content. Not a bad effort and the garden wasn't neglected too much.

Was there interest? Yes. 109 people - teachers and parents - registered their email. They were from every state and territory in Australia and at least one from each of New Zealand, UK, Sweden, USA and China.

Was the site actually used by any learners? I have no real idea. Only two families have sent photos and a report for an activity gallery and both were for the same activity. I guess I do know one activity was used and I have no real idea about 49 others.

But now we are in site of schools re-opening and the question has become:

Where are we going to?

If maths is back at school, is there any reason for Maths At Home?
  • A maths at home resource for those who decide to opt out and continue home schooling?
  • A homework source to partner machine learning or text book practice?
  • An activity source for a school curriculum refreshed around learning to work like a mathematician?
  • Hands-on professional learning material for schools, clusters, districts, systems?
  • Something else?
  • All of the above?
Again we have no real idea ... but let's find out.

The site will stay up for now. I will continue mounting new activities, but at a much reduced rate. It will give me something to do on a rainy day. And I will continue sending out occasional emails keeping you up to date with new activities.

  • If you use the site please register your email if you haven't already.
  • If you distribute material from the site, please respect copyright by including due reference.
  • If you want to chat about the site give us call (0401 177 775), or send an email (


C'est déjà vu. Non?

25th October 2021




Email Address

If you decide you want to use the site, please register your email. It's the only way I'll know if there is any interest. If there isn't I might as well go back to the garden and plant the winter carrots.

Two reasons:

  1. We know someone is interested.
  2. We can let you know when the site is updated.
Click the Register link on this page to open your email program:
  1. Enter the subject: Register MAH
  2. Enter your email address in the body of the email.
  3. Include your name (optional).
  4. Just one email address per household please.

If your browser doesn't link to your email program, copy into a new mail in your email program.


Are We There Yet?

27th October 2020

G'day once more,
We are certainly not post-Covid, but we, in Victoria, Australia, begin post-lockdown tomorrow. For two days (after reaching a high in the 500s in July) we have had zero new cases and zero deaths. This week all school students were back in classrooms and retail opens up again tomorrow.

We have continued to support through this time. There are now 57 activities on site including Working Mathematically with Viruses which took six weeks to prepare. It is a magnificent opportunity for learners to develop and explore a mathematical model and a magnificent example of varied and purposeful pedagogy for teachers to explore.

A year ago, almost to the day, I wrote the paragraphs above. In the interim we in Victoria, and especially in Melbourne, have been out of lockdown, back in lockdown, out of lockdown and back in lockdown for so many weeks that Melbourne is now officially the lockdown leader of the world's cities.

Four days from now we begin the next phase in the expectation that such lockdowns will never happen again, at least not as a result of C19. On Friday our community will have achieved an 80% vaccination level and will push on towards 90% (at least). Schools have started re-opening for face to face learning and although some will close and re-open again as one of the strategies to manage on-going cases, learning from home will be no longer be the norm.

However, Maths At Home, will not go away. In the past year the activity total has risen to 74 and we now know, from classroom experiences between lockdowns, that they offer several ways to support learning from the classroom.

The original intent of the site to support learners, parents and teachers through school closure remains for those who may need it - anywhere in the world; now or in the future - however its usefulness as an in-school resource is assured. We now understand that as a Maths At Home At School resource, Maths At Home activities have three lives:
  • As a self-directed project carried out at home, perhaps with a localised guidance sheet from the teacher.
  • As a self-directed project in school, individually or in small groups, to help the teacher differentiate learning in the classroom.
  • As the framework of a whole class investigation - in essence, a lesson plan created for the teacher.

Make use of Maths At Home however you wish but...

  • Please acknowledge this source when you use it.
  • Please enrich the activities by offering contributions, comments or work samples from yourself and your learners.
  • Please register your email (see above) so you are informed as soon as a new activity or contribution is mounted.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Keep smiling,

Maths At Home is a division of Mathematics Centre