One screen, two learners, concrete materials and a challenge.


Picture Puzzles Equipment List

Concrete materials are essential to Picture Puzzles.
The following are required and alternatives are suggested.

  • Poly Plug is available from Mathematics Centre.
  • If you don't have Poly Plug, the Exploring Times Tables sheet from the Maths At Home activity of the same name can substitute. It represents all times tables to 10x10 with four Poly Plug images. It can also be cut to single or double Poly Plug images. You will need sheets of paper to cover the 'plugs' so that only what is shown on screen is visible in the material.
  • Other materials are either in schools or may be available from various suppliers listed in other resources we recommend.
  • If you don't have Sphinx or Trisquares they can be printed on card, laminated and cut using these files: Sphinx Board ... Trisquares Board
  • In addition some puzzles need print materials linked in the relevant Teaching Notes.
Menu Recommended Substitute


Number & Computation A Poly Plug Exploring Times Tables sheet above. Use pieces of paper to cover what you don't want to see and reveal the equivalent of the images on screen.


Number & Computation B Students' own timing device None


Number & Computation C Cuisenaire Rods None (see other resources above)


Pattern & Algebra A
(Free Tour & Member)
Mini Geofix squares
Mini Geofix triangles
3D Geoshapes (larger version of Geofix), square tiles, triangle tiles or wooden cubes will substitute for some Puzzles. Mini Geofix triangles or Geoshape triangles are essential for the puzzle Tetrahedron Triangles. (See other resources above for Geo material and wooden cubes.)


Pattern & Algebra B Square Tiles
Popsticks or plastic sticks
Cube blocks (see other resources above) will substitute for square tiles. Cut drinking straws will substitute for popsticks. Sticks or straws should be about 10cm. Poly Plug can substitute for tiles or blocks.


Shape & Measurement A
(Free Tour & Member)
Triangle Tiles
Paper/card cut-outs can substitute for Sphinx and Trisquares (see above or see teaching notes for templates). Tricubes substitute for Trisquares if used only 'one storey' high. Mini Geofix triangles (Geoshape triangles) might substitute for Triangle Tiles.


Shape & Space A Linking cubes
Tricubes can be made from wooden cubes or linking cubes. Cuisenaire Rods work well for Building Views. (See other resources above for cubes and rods.)


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