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See teaching notes in
Pattern & Algebra A menu

See teaching notes in
Shape & Measurement A menu
Instead of opening the next two Picture Puzzles directly, as above, click the image to open the Maths At Home activity plan of the same name. Access the slides in the context of the plan. The plan has been prepared for either independent student use during remote learning or as a differentiated whole class learning sequence.
  • Garden Beds
    - a practical hands-on understanding of all the main algebra sections of a text book.
  • Rows, Rectangles and Multiplication
    - students become efficient and effective users of long multiplication.

Additional Support

We suggest you read these two brief articles to see how other teachers have begun their use of Picture Puzzles
  • Picture Puzzles in Sweden which is based on Square Numbers being used as a whole class lesson in a BYOD school.
  • Picture Puzzles - Rod Mats (PDF) which is based on a whole class lesson investigating halves, fifths and tenths using the Number & Computations C (Tenths) menu below.

Purchasing Methods

  • Purchase menu by menu as funding allows at a fixed price per menu.
  • Purchase once only at a discount price for permanent access (using a username / password code) to all current and future puzzles; no annual subscription.
  • Calculating Changes members receive a further discount on the permanent access price.
  • Using either method you are provided with download information. Picture Puzzles are then downloaded to your school server for classroom use.
  • Picture Puzzles need concrete materials which you supply. Check Equipment List.


  • Access is for teachers.
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  • Files are for the exclusive use of the students and teachers from the purchasing campus, school or institution.
  • Picture Puzzles may be purchased by an individual teacher, but the files may only be used in classes taught by that teacher.


  • All Picture Puzzles are PDF slide show files.
  • Files open on all computing devices supporting PDF software - including book-readers, pads and smart phones.
  • All Picture Puzzles require concrete materials listed by menu in Teaching Notes
  • An overview of materials for all menus is in the Equipment List.
  • Click the Picture Puzzle name to view the slides.
  • Right click the Picture Puzzle name (or equivalent action) to save the PDF.
  • Use arrow buttons (or equivalent) to move forward and backward through the slides.
  • Use Ctrl L (Mac Command L) to see the slides as full screen.
  • With the Picture Puzzle open in the browser you can use File/Save As to save the file.
  • On some devices the slides roll up and down rather than slide left and right.

Current Menus

For more information about any menu explore Teaching Notes from the triangle link below.

  • Some Picture Puzzles are designed as Investigation Guides to present and extend challenges from the Task Library.
  • Others are designed to support the development of specific content and skills.

Concept Learning & Skill Development

Number & Computation A

Years 2 - 6(8)
Based on an array model of multiplication students experience how to know the answers to their times tables. Uncover Counting is used to reveal the...

        6 Times Table ... 7 Times Table ... 8 Times Table ... 9 Times Table ... 10 Times Table

Number & Computation B

Years 2 - 6(8)
Students choose their own time limit to complete 20 Times Tables Torture questions. Using array images they correct their work and find two ways of knowing each table.
        TTT 2/4 Times ... TTT 4/8 Times ... TTT 3/6 Times ... TTT 3/9 Times ... TTT 5/7 Times ... TTT 9/10 Times

Number & Computation C

Years 2 - 8
Students build Rod Mats and explore relationships between rows of rods the same size. Natural language drives the investigation of fraction equivalence and operations.
        Choose the whole that makes ... Eighths ... Ninths ... Tenths ... Fifteenths ... Eighteenths

Investigation Guides

Pattern & Algebra A

Years 4 - 12
Square and Triangle Numbers leading into generalisation, symbolic notation and other special challenges, including the difference between two squares.
        How Many Squares? ... How Many Triangles? ... Square Numbers ... Staircases ... Tetrahedron Triangles

Pattern & Algebra B

Years 4 - 10
Exploring and generalising patterns in words and symbols. Seeing the patterns from different points of view leads to equivalent algebraic expressions. Substitution and solution.
        4 Arm Shapes ... Garden Beds ... Lining Up ... Match Triangles ... Unseen Triangles

Shape & Measurement A

Years 2 - 10
Development of the concepts of perimeter and area using unit squares and unit triangles as the measures. Includes 2D shape puzzles, tessellation and polyiamonds.
        Measuring w Sphinx ... Measuring w Trisquares ... Sphinx Shapes ... Triangle Perimeters ... Trisquare Shapes

Shape & Space A

Years 2 - 11
Representing 3D objects in 2D. Plan (looking down), elevation (side) and isometric views in the context of 3D puzzles.

        Building Views ... Keith's Kubes ... Soma Cube ... Tricube Building A ... Tricube Building B

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