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December 2008
January 2009

Best wishes to you all for a peaceful family Christmas,
a happy New Year celebration
and a great holiday!

933 tasks placed in schools during November.
311,134 placed since the project began in July 1992.

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In this month's News you will find:

Scottish Teachers Impress HMI

Tasks of the Month
Task 76, Tube Toss
Task 77, Tricube Constructions A
Task 78, Which View?

An Article from History
Note Paper
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  • Scottish Teachers Impress HMI
    Through the efforts of Margaret Robertson (recently retired), who has played many roles related to mathematics adviser in the district over more than a decade, several Glasgow schools are now using Maths With Attitude in their curriculum. One of these is Port Glasgow High School which is headed by Marc Barry. Marc and the team have recently impressed Her Majesty's Inspectors with the way they are using this resource. Marc tells us:
    We have just been inspected by HMIe and they were very impressed with Maths with Attitude, especially the use of the Tasks period. We had a long and interesting debate over future developments. Should we use more of the Maths300 lessons (presently one per week) and less of the "body of knowledge" stuff needed for the dreaded exam system? They have asked me to write a piece for the good practice section of their web site.
    Congratulations to everyone on the team at Port Glasgow for your inspiring work. When the article is mounted we hope to inform readers of the link, so they can share your wisdom.

    Marc also ran a session on Maths With Attitude at the Scottish Maths Conference earlier this year and has been invited to repeat the session at the 2009 conference.

  • Tasks of the Month
    Three new cameos this month.
    • Tube Toss explores a range of probability experiments using a unique piece of equipment. It encourages both empirical and theoretical approaches to chance using a restricted sample space. Unlike with a dice, several of the possible experiments yield non-equal probabilities.
    • Tricube Constructions A offers students 'looking down on' views of buildings and encourages them to construct the buildings knowing they are made from four Tricubes
    • Which View? continues exploration of the links between 3D objects and their 2D representations by challenging students to build objects from plan and elevation views using unit cubes.
    Tube Toss      Tricube Constructions A
    Which View?
    Click a photo to access its cameo, or access all current cameos through the Link List below.

  • An Article from History
    Just when we thought we had migrated all the Mathematical Association of Victoria (MAV) task centre material to our site, we found one more. In 1996 Marita Miesen wrote an article for the MAV conference on the introduction and operation of a Task Centre in her school. Poignantly titled What Worked. What Did Not. it contains many experiences and observations that are important reading today for anyone interested in using tasks. See the Link List below.

  • Did you miss the November News?
    If so you missed information about:
    1. A tribute to Sue Davis.
    2. Tasks at Moonee Ponds West.
    3. Links to important historical articles donated by the MAV.
    4. An independent professional learning review of our Task Centre Package workshop.
    5. Iceberg Information about three Tasks of the Month (Tasks 127, 161 & 182) and important additions to the Cameos for Tasks 8, 43 and 45.
    6. ...and more...

Keep smiling,

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