Fregon Scrapbooks

Angela Booy
Fregon Anangu School, South Australia

Fregon is located in the far northwest corner of South Australia approximately 1300 road kilometres from Adelaide. Pitjantjatjara is the first language of the students. The school has challenges unique to itself in many ways, but in one way at least the same challenge that faces every other school.

When you find lessons/activities/ideas that work to improve the education of your children, how do you document them for future teachers to use?

The photos on this page are exported from the original Publisher files created by teachers to record mathematical investigations. They are a window into a class at work, a source of ideas for someone else and a model for addressing the need to sustain successful curriculum.

Angela, who sent these examples to us, may well have moved on, but the photos remain as encouragement to us all.

Visit the Fregon Anangu School web site.

Click a photo to reveal the high resolution version, then use Zoom, if necessary, to view the HR version at full size.

Maths300 Lesson 1 ... Task 133

Green Line

Maths300 Lesson 8

Maths300 Lesson 1 ... Task 8

Maths300 Lesson 23 ... Task 173

Maths300 Lesson 25 ... Task 166

Maths300 Lesson 26

Task 127

Maths300 Lesson 31 ... Task 54

Maths300 Lesson 51

Maths300 Lesson 57

Task 102

Maths300 Lesson 84

Maths300 Lesson 103

Maths300 Lesson 95

Task 15

Maths300 Lesson 121

Maths300 Lesson 121

Maths300 Lesson 142

Maths300 Lesson 155 ... Task 223

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