Gold! It's Gold for Potatoes

Sue Gibson
Mount Dandenong Primary School, Victoria

I just had to share with you the fun and excitement of Potato Olympics at Mt. Dandenong Primary school over the past few weeks. We have 2 graduate teachers in 3/4 who were very keen to find the 'hook' for their maths activities. So it was decided a bag of potatoes would be a great start and they would take it from there for students to develop and discover the mathematical phenomena in a bag of potatoes.

Green Line

I remembered the 2 big folders of Classroom Connections still in my collection and yes I had the articles you had written on 'Potato Olympics' and other related 'Maths in Potatoes' activities.

The students have had weeks of training, event organising, personal bests, as well as measuring, estimating, sorting and comparing whilst discovering 'Where is the maths?' in potatoes.

The students have had a ball with our playgrounds and corridors filled with the excitement of events. It also just happened that the same two classes where scheduled to present their class Friday Assemblies, where students from all areas of the school showcase the learning from their level to the whole school.


One class presented their learning in the form of an Opening Ceremony with a parade of participating potatoes and their flags from each state of Australia with speeches and interviews with coaches about their potatoes. The other class concluded the Potato Olympics yesterday with a closing ceremony with all our award winning potatoes on show. A slide show of the events and medal presentations captured the fun and excitement experienced by all the students.

Many thanks Sue for taking the time to share this exciting experience. You've gotta love it when the learning comes together like this. Thanks also to your teachers Rosemary Brehaut and Natalie Stratford for doing the hard yards with the children to make it happen. Remember, it might be four years until the next olympics, but the Spudville Athletic Carnival can be an annual event.

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