Introducing a Working Mathematically Curriculum

Haran Sriappasmy & Team
Griffith High School
Griffith, New South Wales

Looking for a change in approach to encourage improved mathematics learning, the Griffith High School team opted for a Working Mathematically Curriculum Pack, which includes a workshop day. To this they added a Discussion Lesson day. A Discussion Lesson class is led by a consultant so teachers have the opportunity to observe their students. This is followed by a discussion highlighting features that absorbed students in the lesson and planning to include these features in future lessons.

Green Line

One of the Discussion Lessons held at Griffith was built around introducing Year 7 students to tasks. Included in the one hour session was the organisational model known as Pass On Problem Solving. Photos suggest key elements of the lesson - working in pairs, hands-on problems, recording, discussion, opportunity for teachers to become involved as co-learners. Additional photos show something of the teachers' analysis of their observations.

Two groups of teachers began their discussions with these reviews of their observations.

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