Home School Lending

Year 7
Thorne Grammar, Thorne, UK

Thorne Grammar staff originally based this idea on our Library Kit for home lending. With the help of national government funding obtained by HoD Andy Martin (read about this project here), staff expanded the approach to include several other local secondary schools. Within Thorne, the staff also included many more tasks than those in the Library Kit as part of the Home/Lending project.
Task Lesson

Green Line

The elements of the approach are:

  • One period per week is devoted to working with tasks.
  • Tasks are borrowed at the end of the lesson to be taken home and continued.
  • Each student keeps a journal of their home and school work (see below).
  • Parents are encouraged to join in the investigations and comment in the journal.
  • The teacher also comments in the journal, so something like a written conversation develops.
  • Parent nights are used to encourage participation and enthusiasm.
  • A network of eBuddies is slowly building so students can communicate with peers around the world who have access to the same tasks.
The approach is very successful as measured by:
  • parent participation
  • student confidence with problem solving
  • student ranking of the task lesson as the best maths lesson of the week

Students at work in the dedicated school period.
Home Lending Class

Samples of student journals showing their recording along with parent and teacher comment.
Journal 1

Journal 2

Journal 3

Journal 4

An example of a clear, concise solution. But what happens if...?

Journal 6

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