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Iceberg of the Sphinx

Every task in the Mathematics Task Centre collection is the tip of an iceberg. 'Doing' what's on the card is only the starting point. Students (and teachers) who are learning to work like a mathematician learn to ask questions that lead further into the task iceberg.

Extensive detail of the Sphinx Iceberg is developed below as a model for what is possible with every other task.

Teachers who have enjoyed this Adventure of the Sphinx with their classes have contributed even more information to the Sphinx Album. To begin you will need plenty of Sphinxes.

Visit Resources to order the Sphinx Task & Sphinx Shapes.

Green Line

This shape is a Sphinx.
Sphinx - Size 1
Copy it
   ...import the picture into a word processor
      ...layout a page of Sphinxes
         ...print and cut out.
Strong, colourful plastic Sphinx Shapes are available in bulk from Mathematics Centre.

Your Problem

Make a new sphinx from four sphinx shapes.
Please try the Sphinx Problem before reading on!

Green Line

Move on to... Entering the Iceberg
Exploring the Iceberg
Sphinx Lessons
Sphinx Album
  • Dozens of other creative ways students and teachers have taken the Adventure of the Sphinx.

Green Line