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Mathematics Task Centre

Hands-on Problem Solving

Tasks invite students to work like a mathematician.

Use the links below to explore the wisdom of practice collected here from more than 40 years of using tasks in classrooms around the world. Tasks are designed for Years 2-10.

In Sweden, Maths Tasks are called Mattegömmor...
a place where mathematics is hidden.
Mattegömmor på Svenska, klicka här.

Build your own Task Library using our eTasks and your equipment.

Task 43, Number Tiles

There is no reason for mathematics to be taught the way it always has been.

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Catholic Regional College, Caroline Springs
Visual, hands-on and explored with a partner, tasks invite students to work with problems like those of a professional mathematician. In the pages above we have collected teaching craft and resources to support you in using tasks with your students.
  • Throughout the site you will find contributions from many teachers in many places. All have been triggered by some form of professional development. Your inspirations, comments and experiences are also welcome. Please contribute to the Project Manager through the Contacts link above.
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It is really amazing how the tasks are a never ending learning experience. Each year, through my students, I am getting to know more and more of 100+ tasks I have. My students really enjoy the exploration experience ... and I am getting very comfortable with that part of the three lives of the task!
Lynn Patterson, Tennessee, USA
Isn't it wonderful how you can do the tasks class after class & always wind up in a different place or just go so much further in a short time ... I love it!!!!!
Pam McGifford, Tasmania, Australia

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