Maths Around the Kitchen Table

Possible Starter Tasks

At home with The Monkey
  • These tasks have been selected as a starting point to encourage maths around the kitchen table. Parents and children working together on mathematical challenges which can be touched and built and seen. The conversation and interaction involved in working together on these challenges can support the development of the student's problem solving skills, mathematical skills and literacy skills.
  • It won't matter if the task is one that is used at school in another way. All tasks have been chosen by teachers because they connect to deep and rich investigations. The task on the card is only the 'tip of the iceberg'. There is always more that can be learnt from a particular task.
  • Any task can be used for Maths Around the Kitchen table, but this list was originally created for the Mathematics Task Centre Project and included in a Library Kit. Each task in this kit had an additional card to support working with it in the family. These cards include notes from teachers, hints for tackling the tasks and ideas for extending the investigation.
  • The number beside each task below is its reference number in the Task Catalogue (PDF file).
  • Underlined tasks are linked to their Task Cameo on this site. A Task Cameo offers brief notes about the depth, or iceberg, of the task.
  • Tasks marked with a * have a corresponding whole class investigation on Maths300.
  • If a task is marked with ** its Maths300 lesson is enhanced with an additional software component.
  • Note: Maths300 access requires membership.
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