The general selection of comments below has been taken from written evaluations provided at various sessions. They reflect the responses usually received.

On occasion course specific evaluations have also been recorded:

Peg & Tape Fractions
Exploring Task 205, Peg & Tape Fractions, which is extended by Maths300 Lesson 33, Fraction Estimation

General Comments
On task
  • Keen to try tape and pegs activity.
  • Without a strong maths background it was really useful to start right at from the beginning and be shown ways that will help kids who have no understanding. Hands-on tasks very useful and engaging.
  • Very easy to prepare educational practical ideas.
  • I will now feel more comfortable tackling an historically difficult subject matter.
  • Can't wait to use the ideas and materials (especially Poly Plugs) to fit in with the maths currently happening in my room.
  • Need to value the importance of 'rich' tasks rather than one-off things (I knew, but needed reminding!)
  • Enjoyed the hands-on approach - practical ideas.
  • Every time I'm given 'time' to explore the Maths300 site I come away with a relevant lesson to add another dimension to our maths classes. As an adult learner who struggled as a student in mathematics, your approaches make a lot of sense.

  • Much more activity based sessions. Much more talking about what they are doing/discovering. Forget the boring worksheets - understanding is more important than correct answers.
  • Due to a mix up I arrived at school this morning to be told that I shouldn't be there. As I drove back into town I thought not another seminar. How wrong I was! It was fantastic.
  • I have learned about a whole new way of approaching the teaching of fractions! I will use the ideas from today to teach the fraction unit and I'll try Mixed Media. I'll tell (and show) all the other Year 7 Maths teachers about the activities I have found out about today.
  • Excellent - clear, well paced presentation - plenty of time for 'hands-on'.
  • I would anticipate some fairly profound changes in my classroom, as I now have further guidance to pursue what I always believed was the case, but was to afraid to experiment with.
  • I will try harder to incorporate a greater variety of learning experiences into my lessons.
  • I may actually be able to be interesting as a maths teacher now.
  • Lots of ways to engage kids. Somewhere to start in changing current practice in the Middle Years at our school.
  • I feel very motivated to try a few things quite differently. Wish I had a class set of Poly Plugs for Monday!

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