Professor Morris Puzzle #37

Created by Doug Williams
Artwork by Rob Mullarvey

A Professor Morris Puzzle is more than the problem you see. Solving the problem is the starting point for further discussion and investigation. Notes are provided to support that process.

Measurement, fractions, ratio

Task Centre Connection
Task 41: Scale Drawing
Task 58: See-Saw
Task 99: How Many Things?
Task 136: Four Bead Mix
Task 212: Monkeys & Bananas

Draw a diagram, make a model, write an equation

30 metres

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Green Line

Start Talking

  • What happens if you change the known length in the puzzle?
  • What happens if you change the ratio of the cuts in the puzzle?
  • Try a 'class classifying' problem like:
    Half the class are boys. Half of that half wear school jumpers. One third of the school jumper group also wear black shoes. Two boys wear black shoes. How many children in the class?
  • Ask each pair in the class to make up their own 'class classifying' problem. Collect the result and publish them as a class book.


Something Special
Sture Marklund, a grandfather and teacher of Grade 4 in remote Sweden, became interested enough in Professor Morris Puzzles to recreate this one in Swedish. It is the same puzzle as above, but the story is about a fisherman who has to deal with a pike which is cutting up his line. It is clear, even if you don't know Swedish, that Sture believed the rhyme and rhythm of the puzzle, as well as context, would contribute to engaging his students.

Full page PDF version for printing.