From Kayak To Sphinx

Saied Alavei
Slottsstadens Skola
Malmö, Sweden

In the first week of May, Saied wrote:
I was in Malmö Högskolan on 8th April when you had a lesson with us about Poly Plug. After that day I start to visit your site. Sphinx was the part I decided to do with my Year 6 children.

I cut the wooden sphinxes by myself. Actually I like to work with my hands. I tried to build a kayak many years ago and I had material left from that time.

Saied's Sphinxes

Green Line

The wooden sphinxes smell good and during the time I worked to make them, I thought about how to develop the activities. My children like to work with wood and I want them to try to cut one and put the colour on it.

I did the four pieces puzzle and found that this is a good idea to move on.

Size 3 Sphinx Size 3 Sphinx

Size 3 Sphinxes

Size 9 Sphinx Size 9 Sphinx

Size 9 Sphinxes

After a while when the children saw me using the pieces they got interested. They wanted to know more and when I showed them how to make Size 2 and 3 I realized that there is big difference between children in how to manage the tasks. I saw in their eyes that they get very happy when they learn how to put them together. My children like to work with wood and there is one or more who get tired during the day and they ask me to have Sphinx to 'play' with. There are even children who use the pieces to make other things like birds and snakes.

Tomorrow we are going to have playground matematik outside. This because we will put together matematik with physik. We are going to use Sphinx as a station in the sandbox.

Playing with Sphinxes A Playing with Sphinxes B
Playing with Sphinxes C Playing with Sphinxes D

Saied I am very happy that I did this. Next step is try to do some group work. We can always try to find more about Sphinx like:
Two children learn to make Size 2. They collaborate to make Size 3. They have 4 pieces each.
Is it enough to make the bigger size? Why not?

I am in the beginning of my travels with Sphinx. There is more to find out. I am very happy that I met you and got inspiration to teach matematik in another way.

Thank you for leading me forward! We are going to make the biggest wooden Sphinx together with my students!

Green Line

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