Sphinx Comes to Scotch College

Anna Casey
Scotch College Junior School
Adelaide, Australia

It took twenty minutes, almost to the second, before someone solved the problem of making four Sphinxes into a bigger Sphinx.

Then we were off. Could we make a bigger one? And a bigger one? And...

I even had students asking for more sheets of shapes so they could make Sphinxes at home and bring them in to add to the growing class Sphinx.

Four Sphinxes

Green Line

Growing the Sphinxes
Teams begin to work together
to make pieces for larger Sphinxes.
A great class effort
They wouldn't let me take this one off the whiteboard until
we had three more like it to make our gigantic Size 64...

Growing the Sphinxes ...and run out of masking tape!

The maths we did was fantastic. Number, pattern, perimeter, area and more. The children even suggested that to measure the area of Size 64 we would have to break it into parts like triangles.

One of the most mathematically engaging activities that my students have been involved in. The enthusiasm to create a 642 Sphinx was infectious.

Green Line