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Green Line

The Christmas Sphinx by Nick in Year 1

The Hutchins School in Tasmania
We made a Size 16 sphinx. We cutout 256 pieces, some red and some green to make it. Lots of boys helped to cut and stick the Sphinx together. We had a lot of fun and worked out that ours was a Size 16 because 16 x 16 is 256.
Nick had lots of boys help him build the Sphinx. They were Dylan, Alex, Andrew, Jack, Jock, Vinnie, David, Jordan, Matthew and Mr H-S (Our Teacher)

Nick's Christmas Sphinx

Amy & Emma

Sphinxes created by Amy and Emma, Thorne Grammar, Doncaster, England, 2003:
G'day Doug,
We are called Emma Stewart and Amy Milner, the ones Mr Martin told you about.
Here are all the sphinx we have done so far.
This includes the 2x2 sphinx, 3x3, 4x4, 7x7 and 11x11.
There are four 3x3 sphinx, three 7x7 sphinx and two 11x11 sphinx.
As you can see we have named the 7x7 sphinx.
We would like to call the 11x11 sphinx's 'EMMA STEWART and AMY MILNER, THE BIG ONE'.
Hope this comes in useful to you,
From EMMA and AMY
Various Sphinxes

Emma and Amy made three of the Size 7s. What differences are there?

7x7 Sphinx 1

7x7 Sphinx 2

7x7 Sphinx 3

And this is their big one...

The Big One

But not much later Amy and Emma made an even bigger one - the Size 13. Compare the width of it with the width of the doorway.

The Next Big One

Amy & Emma: Visiting Size 13

April 27th, 2004 we visited Thorne Grammar to actually meet Amy, Emma and the Size 13. Mr Martin had saved their work and taped it all together as a permanent record of the work of...

Two Mathematicians
...these two mathematicians - Emma (left) & Amy (right).

This is our work.
We are still working on Size 23. We have a couple of ideas now, but it is not easy.

Chris Collett - Size 17

Chris is from Innisfail State High School in Queensland, Australia. This email from his teacher tells his story.
Hi Doug,
Chris Collett has just solved Sphinx 17. Took him a couple of hours to complete. We have taken photos which I have enclosed. We also have a hand drawn diagram indicating how Sphinx 17 can be built.
Chris is a student at our school. Year 12 and 16 years of age.
Size 17

Size 17 Construction

Size 17 Sketch

Hmmm. If the girls have constructed Size 13, why did Chris jump to Size 17? What would be the next one someone would tackle?

Chris Collett - Size 19

We received a message from Chris's teacher on December 3rd, 2003 that told us Chris rounded off his last days of Year 12 by completing a Size 19 Sphinx. Here are the photos.

Size 19

Size 19 Sketch

Could Size 23 be next...?

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