Organisation & Management

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A classic task centre arrangement. Tasks in see-through boxes on attractive display shelves in a purpose designed room. Note the 'book style' arrangement of the boxes. Classic Task Centre

Stacking needs to be for easy access by students. Where do I find..? needs to be virtually self-answered. Coloured stickers indicate to teachers the curriculum strand(s) to which the problem relates. Show Numbers

Displaying task names prominently may work better for you. Show Names

If you can't afford a box for every task, you might store them in press-seal bags which in turn are stored in stackable drawers. Stackable Drawers

The purpose is to learn strategies for problem solving. This part of the Working Mathematically process makes a great display. The full process is a one page document which students can keep in their journal fly leaf. Display

Show off your Organisation

Others will learn from the way you organise and store your tasks. Please send in photos and comments to add to those from:

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