More Poly Plug Activities
These activities build a broader, deeper picture of how Poly Plug can be used at all year levels to support the development of mathematical concepts and skills. They will help you see why this resource has been chosen as a preferred material of the Calculating Changes network.

Chance & Data

Counting & Order


Operations & Equations

Pattern & Algebra

Shape & Space

Kids' Own Games

One of the exciting things about kids having easy access to Poly Plug is that they often invent their own games. The games may not be directly related to learning mathematical skills, but the reasoning, justification and communication skills required to design, trial and modify your own game are the core work of a mathematician and support the development of literacy.

Poly Plugs & Problem Solving

A task has three lives and one of those is as a whole class investigation. In this context teachers model how a mathematician works. To engage this life there needs to be enough copies of the concrete material. For many tasks, Poly Plug can provide that material as detailed in the investigations at this link.

Recording Tools

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